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# Букмекер   Рейтинг Моб.
Бонус Сайт БК
1 1xBet   10/10     5 000 RUB
2 Melbet   10/10     100%
3 PariMatch   10/10     2 500 RUB
4 Mostbet   9/10     20% от депозита
5 Лига Ставок   10/10     500 RUB
6 Fonbet   8/10     Аванс. ставка
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Betting tools

So basically, Kelly would recommend a 9% bet this positive percentage means, that you have an advantage of growing your bankroll with this wager.

VIP Soccer TIPs: Dropping Odds

App Features
Convert your odds to probability and vice versa
Calculate Trixie bets
Kelly criterion for getting the best out of your bets
Find value odds using Poisson calculator

7Charting Tools for Spread Betting: A practical guide to

If you are a sports betting trader and use Betfair as a platform you will like to know that there is an incredible and very useful tool for trading in sports betting. Traderline is 96 96 96


Winning at Sports wagering is considered by many as being fortunate. Any beginner or expert bettor that uses different betting tools and strategies, and give betting the seriousness it deserves knows he does not need miracles or luck to win. It is entirely sure no hidden strategy will win each wager since no one can observe what's to come. In spite of all the innovation no time machine has been made yet, however, regardless, the advanced age has presented to us some incredible wagering tools to encourage our wagering. It was most likely significantly more hard to wager online without the apparatus.

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Websites and bet placement interfaces differ between bookmakers, so that arbitrage bettors need to be familiar with different web interfaces. In some sports different bookmakers deal with outcomes in different ways (they differ in their handling of for example player withdrawal due to injury in tennis, overtime in ice hockey), meaning that both 8775 legs 8776 can lose. Matching terms for all bookmakers is time consuming, requires lots of expertise and experience, while still being fairly error-prone.

Today we decided to share with the entire Betting Online Community an automatic update tool that we have been using for analysis and decision making in the sports betting market. But before moving on 96 96 96

Kelly is the ultimate system for bettors. It doesn 8767 t make you rich fast or guarantee anything for that matter, but the fact that it 8767 s 65-years old and still relevant should be enough to convince you to at least check it out.

Imagine that when tossing a coin, odds for Tails are 7,5. However, in this case the coin is damaged and there 8767 s 57% chance that it lands on Tails.

Malcolm Pryor is an experienced spread bettor and a qualified technical analyst. He writes articles on trading and technical analysis and speaks at investment conferences. He runs seminars on trading and spread betting. His website and contact details may be found at .